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ISBN 978-0-615-51316-4
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excerpts from BOOTLEG POEMS by Andy Plumb




in a tiny hotel
with only one room
and a single bed
that folds up into a chair
a light flickers throughout the night
people go there to forget
to forgive
to disintegrate
to reinvigorate
my story is of a woman
stressed in multiples
and tired from prayer
she unlayers herself for sleep
first the anvil
then the gun
she dreams of stark blues
and ransomed kisses
she awakens in a house
a 1000 miles away
her husband is not her husband
her children are not her children
her life, somebody else’s
she can only smile
as she awaits a brand new day…




I skate around the mall
with a walkman tuned into
subversive sounds
I am in search of secret passageways
people of unusual genders
spaces of unabashed desire
The teenage girls with
nasty tongues never look at me
yet they tell me stories from afar
strange, exotic tales
they could never have gotten
from television
they dress in layers
in bizarre mosaic patterns indecipherable
I listen for simple truths
yet hear only complex lies
which, of course, are much more trustworthy
I purchase working class lingerie
(I mean, underwear) at Sears
from a salesgirl who KNOWS
but will never tell
I plead with her to scream it out
reveal the source of her despair
but she just laughs heartily and
steals away into the hardware section
I call the security guards
who arrest me for wearing plaid socks
with a leather skirt
I manage to escape between the cracks
and return unscathed to the scene of the crime…


true love
blue love
in the new love
love at bay
love delayed
love in a vacuum
love in a vacant room
curious love
furious love
love tossed aside
love quietly denied
love for the ages
love for the sages
sassy love
brassy love
forgotten love
misbegotten love
patched up love
detached love
love for sale
love derailed
love till it hurts
hurt till you love...